Tiedeka is a science center for the whole family – the place, where science is seen and known. Science is in and around us. Why and how everything works in the world? We show you!

Tiedeka science center is located in Tampere, Finland. We organize science clubs and events on-site and on-line. Our web-clubs are open for everybody and everywhere! Science clubs meet once a week. Start your science exploration with Tiedekat 1 or 2, join our holiday events and celebrate your science birthday !

Tiedeka Centre is not just science. Our partners provide you a great variety of interesting hobbies.  Code School Kodarit, School of Architecture Tiili and Education organization Kehittyvä Euroopa ry , also operate in Tiedeka’s premises. Here you have the opportunity to combine science, computers, coding and architecture.


Tiedeka Staff is enjoying well-earned summer holiday. Registration for Autumn term 2024 has started – please find more info here. We wish you the very best and relaxing summer ever!