Do you want to understand what happens around you and why our world works this way? Come to the science club and see your surroundings in new perspective! Observations are the center of every club meeting – observations turn into understanding. The participants do the exiting experiments with their own hands. The instructor ensures safety and assists if needed. We offer clubs for kids aged 4-14yrs.


New season for full Science Clubs starts mid-January 2023. Groups for school-aged children start week 3/2023 and pre-school groups week 5/2023. Spring season 2023 we offer following groups in English:

  • Pre-School Science Club 1, Mondays at 6:15pm-7:00pm
  • Tiedekat Science Club for school-aged, Wednesdays at 4pm-5pm
  • More Science Clubs available in Finnish, detailed info here

Registration for Autumn term 2023 has ended!

Little Tiedekas – clubs for pre-school kids

Tiedeka offers exciting science club for pre-school kids, Little Tiedekas! The autumn term for Little Tiedekas is a combination of 3 short courses: Little Chemists, Little Physicists and Little Engineers. The group meets 12 times during one term – you can participate the full term or just one short course. Kids can participate the club alone or with a parent. All pre-school groups are suitable for beginners and more experienced science lovers! All meetings are on Mondays 6:15pm-7:00pm at Tiedeka facilities (address Ilvestie 19, Tampere). The price for full term (12 meetings) is 144€ (inc. vat 24%) and one short course 50€. The max group size is 6 kids.

Topics for Autumn term 2023

  • Little Chemists (reactions, color changes, dry ice, visible from invisible), meetings 28th Aug-18th Sep
  • Little Physicists (air, sound, waves, light), meetings 25th Sep-23rd Oct
  • Little Engineers (simple machines and different engines), meetings 30th Oct-20th Nov

Tiedekat-clubs for school-aged children

Tiedeka’s full year splits into two terms, autumn and spring. Autumn term starts mid-August (week 33, pre-school groups week 35). Each term you can participate once-a-week science club, starting with the basics of physics and chemistry with Tiedekat 1 and 2. After basics, we broaden the view – Tiedekat 3 & 4 study the miracles of close surroundings and the world in general. Finally, Tiedekat 5 & 6 investigate the different fields of Science, like biology, vulcanology and astronomy. Science clubs meet 15 times per term.

In Tiedeka’s on-line clubs participants do the science experiments at home with Zoom connection. The instructor guides participants through the activities. Most of the needed equipment and chemicals are found in every household, but you can update your equipment selection with additional Science Kit from Tiedeka. You find the example of needed household equipment and the contents of the Science kit here.

The price of Tiedeka Science club is 280€/term, on-line club 150€/term (15 meetings per term). Additional Science Kit for on-line club is 50€. Prices include VAT and postal costs. Maximum 8 participants per club! Please find here more detailed info about Tiedeka’s Science Clubs (in Finnish)!

More information about our courses:


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