On this page you will find the supplies lists for Tiedeka’s starting and upcoming on-line clubs. The accessories mentioned in the list must be found before the start of the club session!



Free Trial Wed 29th Apr at 2:30pm-3:00pm : Balloon Tricks

  • 10-15 balloons of different sizes and a balloon pump (pump optional)
  • wooden barbecue pick or toothpick, cooking oil, kitchen paper, needle
  • pins about 50pcs, a piece of thin cardboard about 10cm x 10cm. The pins must extend through the cardboard.
  • clear hobby tape
  • a mobile phone, remote control or other object of similar size

Online club Wed 6th May at 2:30pm-3:30pm Thermo tests

  • ice cubes about 10pcs, cold and hot water
  • objects of different materials: for example, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, paper
  • 2 mugs, 2 plastic bottles of the same size with caps (eg empty soda bottles)
  • hand towel
  • empty small glass jar and lid
  • a transparent container, in which the glass jar fits well due to its height
  • food coloring, kitchen gloves
  • various thermometers that can be found at home

Online club Wed 13th May at 2:30pm-3:30pmFlashes of light

  • flashlight, reflector
  • tall glass, straw / spoon, coin, water
  • cd / dvd, sunglasses
  • different colored plastics (optional)

Online club Wed 20th May at 2:30pm-3:30pm: Water circulation

  • 2 drinking glasses, cling film, cold and hot water
  • blue drawing paper (other colors also work), cotton balls, glue, crayons
  • shower bottle, towel, water bowl
  • 3 different sponges or cloths, eg scrub, sponge, cleaning cloth
  • toilet paper roll core, 2 pieces of kitchen paper, tape
  • sand, food colors

Online club Wed 27th May at 2:30pm-3:30pmProperties of water

  • aluminum foil, plastic egg from Easter egg
  • coin, straw, water (pipette may also be used if found)
  • 2 mugs, dishwashing liquid, woollen thread 10cm piece
  • tall glass, ice cubes, food coloring
  • salt, another tall glass, spoon
  • 2 small plates, spoon