Science Kit for on-line Science Club

If you are participating Tiedeka’s on-line club Tiedekat 1, you can update your science equipment from Tiedeka. The price for Science Kit described below, is 50€ (inc. VAT). Please note, that Science Kit is only for on-line club members! If you registrate for other science clubs and attend meetings on-line, you can borrow equipment from Tiedeka.

Chemistry equipment

  • pipette 5pcs
  • food coloring blue/yellow/red
  • hydrofobic sand
  • plastic beaker (100ml) 2pcs
  • plastic test tube 2pcs
  • plastic petri dish 2pcs
  • pH-paper
  • steel cup 1pcs

Physics equipment

  • glass prism 1pcs
  • plastic spring 1pcs
  • UV-lamp/pen 1pcs
  • balloons 20pcs
  • balloon pump 1pcs
  • A4 prints.


Equipment for the next meeting

Most of the equipment for your science experiments you find from your home. Detailed list of all needed equipment is updated here weekly.

Meeting Fri 7th May 2021: SPRING EXPERIMENTS

Please find these equipment ready before the meeting starts:

  • kitchen foil (aluminium)
  • toothpick
  • white paper
  • permanent marker
  • coloring pencils
  • water
  • coffee mug or drinking glass
  • scissors
  • glue or tape

Please find these equipment from the Science Kit before the meeting starts:

  • Mini-size zip-lock plastic bag
  • printed leprechauns
  • printed cat